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26% complete
1.spend the night at an aquarium
2. kiss a dolphin
3. visit the santa monica pier
4. own a macbook
5. learn how to use chopsticks
6. try something from pink berry
7. go to lego land
8. visit daytona beach
9. make an important decision with a coin toss
10. ride in a limo
11. ice skate in central park
12. wear a boy’s sweatshirt
13. try pasta in italy
14. go on a disney cruise
15. shop rodeo drive
16. travel alone
17. write a song
18. own a pair of steve madden shoes
19. visit pompeii
20. spend a whole day sleeping
21. start running every day
22. have my dream body
23. meet justin bieber
24. sing in front of a huge crowd
25. design my own dream house
26. stand under the hollywood sign
27. run a marathon
28. attend a justin bieber concert
29. visit the mall of america
30. put mentos in diet coke
31. meet lauren Conrad
32. become an interior designer
33. stay at the bellagio
34. finish a bottle of nail polish
35. meet niall horan
36. make a jar of lucky paper stars
37. go a week without using my phone
38. own a varsity jacket
39. shop at dash
40. go on a road trip to disney land
41. move to california
42. meet the cast of the hills
43. get a cake from charm city cakes
44. have a rottweiler
45. feel confident about my body
46. meet kendall jenner
47. pay a stranger’s tab at a restaurant
48. go on a road trip from new york to california
49. complete a scrapbook
50. move to hollywood
51. ride in a private jet
52. stick to my new year’s resolutions
53. make a cake with buddy valastro
54. finish a wreck this journal
55. spend a day on a boat in summer 2012
56. have skinny legs
57. have a wardrobe i actually like
58. meet cher lloyd
59. redesign my bedroom
60. donate my hair to locks of love
61, finish a whole tube of chapstick
62. own a pair of ray-bans
63. be a good parent
64. shop on black friday
65. fill up a juicy couture charm bracelet
66. dance with my dad at my wedding
67. learn how to waterfall braid
68. write a letter to myself and open it in 10 years
69. hold up a free hugs sign
70. become a vegetarian
71. go to a green bay packers game
72. complete the cinnamon challenge
73. start a diary and write in it every day
74. go to the caribbean with my best friend
75. have a bonfire
76. learn how to drive
77. star on american idol
78. own a beach house
79. kiss someone at midnight on new years
80. own a range rover
81. own an apartment with my friends
82. party on a yacht
83. own a nikon
84. meet tim tebow
85. have a surprise party thrown for me
86. go to bora bora
87. let my hair get really long
88. throw a dart at a map and travel wherever it lands
89. have a walk-in closet
90. attend the olympics
91. meet justin bieber, tell him how much he inspires me and maybe get a hug picture and a kiss
92. ace a class
93. become famous
94. have a dream body
95. learn how to play guitar
96. participate in a color run
97. be a famous singer
98. recieve a promise ring
99. own a wreck this journal
100. have a meal with a hobo
101. audition for american idol
102. sneak out at night to be with my friends
103. go to a one direction concert
104. learn to not care what others think of me